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ON SALE - New Release

Out of State Miracle (Remastered)

New From Paisley Pop

Following the demise of the Paisley Underground band TRUE WEST, vocalist Gavin Blair and the brilliant guitarist Richard McGrath moved to the Pacific Northwest and formed the Foolkillers. Recording a number of singles and two albums with help from producer Conrad Uno (Young Fresh Fellows, Presidents of the United States). Named after a short story by Stephen Vincent Benet, the group took a year off while Richard McGrath toured with Stan Ridgeway. The band has been compared to Guadacanal Diary and Thirteenth Floor Elevators for its blending of country and roots music with psychedelic rock.

Previously issued as a Limited Edition CD-R, this Remastered Version includes two bonus tracks and pressed as full retail package w/shrink wrap.


1. Into The Light Listen

2. Paint the Town Red Listen

3. Highway Man Listen

4. I Dream Listen

5. Rainy Days Listen

6.Stand By Myself Listen

7. Neighbors Listen

8. Different Heart Listen

9. Strange Light Listen

10. Through The Night Listen

11. Travejo Listen

12. Cloud Room Listen

13. Lover's Walk Listen

14. All For You Listen

15. Bargain Days Listen

16. Late Bloom Listen


16. Two Sides (To Every Coin) [demo]

17. Dancing To Your Own Devil [demo]

LABEL: Paisley Pop


to boys who say No

" exceptional debut and a brilliant beacon of light in an ocean of mediocrity"
-Geraint Jones, COMES WITH A SMILE (UK)

"...on the road to first-rate, top-notch, indie pop heaven"
-Shona Winfrey,

The release that launched the Paisley Pop label. GIRLS SAY YES features Portland songwriter (and Paisley Pop owner) Jim Huie (the 'original sensitive' guy writing all these blurbs) and a cast of 20 including help from Bobby Sutliff, Steve Almaas, Russ Tolman, Richard McGrath (True West), Mitch Easter, Adam Marsland (ex-Cockeyed Ghost), and Jeff Hatcher (The Blue Shadows). Recorded by Mike Demmers (Robert Cray, Quarterflash) and mostly mixed by Tom Mallon (American Music Club). Musically & lyrically an album similar to The Who's Sell Out (a strange mix of humorous and poignant songs). In retrospect, perhaps a bit too much novelty brought into arrangements and probably should've been 15 minutes longer, but as the completely biased artist, I think you'll find some songs that are well worth the price of admission (the ones I can still live with are "All I Want To Do Is Sleep", "Beckon", "You're Comin Down", "Don't Call Me" and "How To Do Everything Right"). And the harmony vocals added by Shandeen and Wendy Bird throughout are pretty powerful. In the end, the album got some surprisingly great reviews from some people, and was slaughtered by a few critics who didn't get the whole jangle-pop elements in the first place. An overly ambitious project that is nearly out of print. If you like this album, then you are a rarified and discriminating music fan indeed.

WOULD SOUND GOOD ON A MIX TAPE WITH: The Young Fresh Fellows, The Barenaked Ladies, Papas Fritas, Apples In Stereo, The Windbreakers

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample Another Life

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample Don't Call Me (featuring Steve Almaas lead vox)

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample She Married A Loser

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample Monkey In The Middle

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample Beckon (featuring Shandeen lead vox)

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample Burning Inside Out

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample You and The Devil

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample Love Is Not Linear (featuring Jeff Hatcher lead vox)

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample Wonder Guy

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample Sylvia (featuring Frank Kelly lead vox)

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample You're Coming Down (featuring Wendy Bird lead vox)

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample All I Want To Do Is Sleep

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample How To Do Everything Right

LISTEN - 30 Second Sample
    BONUS TRACK Beckon (Hammond B3 & flute mix)
(featuring Shandeen lead vox)



In Pursuit of Excellence

Second solo album from acclaimed guitarist Huw Gower. Known for his work with The Records (the hit 'Starry Eyes'), David Johansen ("Live It Up"), and Graham Parker. Gower explores and delves into many different areas to highlight his immense skills and prowess on his instrument including some fantastic power pop in the style of the Records ("French Girls"), fine celtic influenced folk rock ("Childhood in Myrth" as featured on The Sensitve Guy's Guide to Groovy Music), and a brilliant twangy blues interpretation a song he wrote for his old band, Magic Muscle ("Free As A Bird").

Over the years, Gower has played guitar in the studio for artists such as Nick Lowe, The Sinceros, Carlene Carter, The Monks, Steve Holley, The Rooks and others.

Listen 60 Second Sample - In Pursuit of Excellence

Listen 60 Second Sample - French Girls

Listen 60 Second Sample - Free As A Bird

This Could Be Heaven Records



The Longest Sunset

Hailing from Brooklyn by way of New Jersey, Jeremy S. Grites is a writer for Dagger 'Zine, and leader of the pop duo, The Swivel Chairs. "The Longest Sunset," which was completed in late 2001, marks the first official solo release from Jeremy on cd, and it manages to be as varied as his musical tastes are. His love of bands like Yo La Tengo, the Rain Parade, Big Star, Pavement, Kinks, REM, GBV and the Softboys shine through in these retro-pop songs.
Recorded at his home studio also features Matt Wilbur on piano, Shay Lynch on cello, and Jason Brown on drums, though most of the instruments on here were played by the very talented Jeremy. Fans of The Sneetches will find a lot to like here as the CD has a sound reminiscent of their debut. This CD is infectious and charming, which I imagine Jonathan Richman fans would love. Great chimey pop! Highly recommended!

WOULD SOUND GOOD ON A MIX TAPE WITH: The Sneetches, The Essex Green, Jonathan Richman, The Pooh Sticks, Portastic, The Swivel Chairs, Alex Chilton


1. Leaving mp3
2. Found A Diamond    mp3 sample
3. Fling   mp3 sample
4. Stay Inside
5. Just Go Away
6. Hand to Hold
7. An American Pastime
8. I'll Get By   mp3 sample
9 Phone Message from Ralph
10. Natalie Wood 1960   mp3 sample
11. Under Thumbs
12. Away From Here
13. Red Voice
14. Phone Message from a friend
15. Away From Me
16. Backwards trip
17. Flavor Window
18. Twittering Machine
19. Phone Message from Kristen
20. In the Weeds    mp3 sample

Par 3


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