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New Release!
SALE: $9.00

Gala Days

Pennsylvania power-popsters Milkshake Jones return with their sophomore LP, "Gala Days," produced by Michael Giblin (ex-Cherry Twister, Parallax Project). The ten tracks shimmer with 12-string guitars, unforgettable melodies, and bandleader John Micek's razor-sharp lyrics.

"Gala Days" picks up where the band's self-titled debut left off, with hook-heavy pop tunes that hit you straight in the heart even as they make you move your feet. Not to be missed.

WOULD SOUND GOOD ON A MIX TAPE WITH: The Shins, Wilco, The Windbreakers,


1. Mystery Girl       LISTEN

2. (Where You Goin') SUzanne?       LISTEN

3. Never Sleep Again       LISTEN

4. The Veil       LISTEN

5. Gala Days       LISTEN

6. Remember How To Smile       LISTEN

7. Counting Heads       LISTEN

8. Earthquake Heart       LISTEN

9. All I Want Is Everything       LISTEN

10. A Crowd In The Face       LISTEN

Label: Paisley Pop


Milkshake Jones

"Here in the 21st century, there are still bands out there playing Byrds-influenced power pop, and Milkshake Jones' debut EP proves that's not a bad thing at all. Between Mark Burke's oft-times ringing guitar leads and John Micek's sweet but angst-y tunes, this disc suggests the latter days of Roger McGuinn's most memorable ensemble filtered through the crunchier influence of the Windbreakers, but the energy of the performances, the snap of Paul Murr's drums, and the reportorial style of Micek's lyrics give this band a voice that's decisively their own. Between the party out of bounds of "Daylight Savings Time," the lovely obsessions of "The Queen of College Radio," and the against-the-odds romance of "Between the Lines," Micek has a sharp eye as a lyricist, and his band gives his songs the right balance of color and weight. A more than promising debut." --All Music Guide

WOULD SOUND GOOD ON A MIX TAPE WITH: The Bats, Uncle Tupelo, Squeeze, The Verlaines, Straitjacket Fits


1 Glow       LISTEN

2 Between the Lines       LISTEN

3 California in Your Eyes       LISTEN

4 Miracle Plain       LISTEN

5 Daylight Savings Time       LISTEN

6 Stop Me From Falling       LISTEN

7 The Sweetheart of College Radio       LISTEN

8 Modern Girls       LISTEN

LABEL: Paisley Pop

New Release!
SALE: $9.00

Pleasantry Lane

Since the year 2000, Salim Nourallahís music has consistently garnered critical accolades, including being the inclusion of Polaroid in The Dallas Observerís Top Five Albums of 2004, and the double disc reissue of Nourallah Brothers (2004) being lauded by KCRWís Eric J. Lawrence, as one of the top ten cds in the last decade. Moreover, the reissue debuted on KCRW in their top 30, and was the only small label release to make that illustrious list. This praise heads a long list of critical and popular appreciation, as evidenced when Nourallah played SXSW 2004 to a packed club, for his professional debut of Polaroid. 2006 found Nourallah's albums licensed in Germany and a tour of Europe followed. The Dallas Observer once again honored Nourallah with Best Album (Beautiful Noise), Best Song ("The World Is Full of People Who Want to Hurt You"), and Best Producer.

Much of Nourallahís solo work has been created and recorded at his own studio, Pleasantry Lane (a veiled reference to another lesser known studio). Since the commercial opening of the studio at the beginning of 2004, Pleasantry Lane has been a recording nexus for such disparate yet talented folk as : Rhett Miller, Old 97s, Deathray Davies, Earlimart and the Damnwells. Undoubtedly, Salimís focus for the last half of 2004 was creating and recording his recent opus, Beautiful Noise. This pensive, finely wrought collection reveals Salim brooding on themes of mortality, aging, lost love and, refreshingly, hope as an antidote to despair. His keen pop sensibilities shine through in this meditative song cycle, in songs such as ďMontrealĒ, a McCartney-esque anthem to the joys of coupledom and ďThe World Is Full of People (Who Want to Hurt You)Ē a ballad filled with fatherly worries and love. In this work, Salim widens the thought-provoking territory of Polaroid, and reaches the depths of any listenerís emotional resonance.

On Pleasantry Lane, Nourallah gathered his band, The Polaroids (John Dufilho: drums Jason Garner: bass Meri Knoll: keyboards), for a live in-studio session that gathered together songs not only from his solo albums, but also from his Paisley Pop debut EP "A Way to Your Heart" as well as the Nourallah Brothers.

Born in Alton, Illinois, the eldest child of Fayez and Karen. Salim's mom was an art major, his dad an accountant. In 1970, the family moved to El Paso when Salim was just 3. When Salim was 9, he saw the Beatles' "White Album" in Kmart and got his grandmother to buy it for him. The album changed his life.

When Salim was 16, he started writing songs. His brother Faris was the only one who believed they were worth a crap and started playing drums. Salim played guitar. Faris sold his car for a drumkit then moved to guitar, and Salim moved to bass.

The family then moved to Denton, which Salim hated. Salim and Faris made Nourallah Brothers in 1999 on an 8-track then quit playing music together. Faris released 3 solo CDs, while Salim released two (Polaroid and Beautiful Noise) plus one 6-song EP called A Way To Your Heart.

WOULD SOUND GOOD ON A MIX TAPE WITH: M Ward, Wilco, Aimee Mann, Sufjan Stevens


1. 1978       LISTEN

2. Missing Funerals       LISTEN

3. Model Brothers       LISTEN

4. She'd Walk A Mile       LISTEN

5. A Way To Your Heart       LISTEN

6. Avenue       LISTEN

7. Missing You       LISTEN

8. Constellation       LISTEN

9. A Family Disease       LISTEN

10. The Otherside       LISTEN

11. Nothing Ever Goes Right       LISTEN

12. Try To Get Along       LISTEN

13. Everybody Wants To Be Loved       LISTEN

Paisley Pop


A Way To Your Heart

The title track is an absolute diamond! A Way to Your Heart is an infectious burst of bubbling keyboards running under a chiming guitar groove. Itís held together with a hand-clapping, sing-along chorus, and itís a classic piece of pop: unforgettable and addictive.
--Shona Winfrey,

With his brother Faris, Salim Nourallah was half of the imaginatively named Nourallah Brothers. They released on album together, 2001's self-titled affair, before heading their separate ways. That album was a charming, low-key one with hints of the Pernice Brothers and influenced by bands like the Kinks and the Who. He is also the lead singer & songwriter for Dallas modern rock combo, Happiness Factor (new CD coming May 4th on Paisley Pop!)

On this solo EP, a companion piece to his full-length CD Polaroid released by Western Vinyl, Nourallah continues to mine the side of music he explored with the Nourallah Brothers. His achingly engaging voice keeps the path the album seeks: longing for love and the past. Many of Salimís songs have a soft, bittersweet quality about them. Blending folk with Beatles, 60ís British pop, Salimís style also brings to moment some of Wilcoís quieter moments.. The songs are simple; most of them fronted by an acoustic guitar with synthesizer accompaniment floating in the background with an organic production that recalls Jon Brionís style.

"Happiness Factor frontman Salim Nourallah gives the gentler side of his musical personality a hearing on this five-song EP, which cuts back on the bite of that band's material for a warmer and more subtle approach, which recalls his early stuff with the Nourallah Brothers. While the title cut offers a nice bit of snap, most of A Way to Your Heart moves away from the rock-influenced style of the Happiness Factor for a lighter sound that suggests Todd Rundgren or George Harrison's more pop-friendly moments. Nourallah has also left his sarcasm at home for these sessions, which boast lyrics that take a more optimistic and open-hearted perspective on love, especially on "Overwhelmed" and "Try to Get Along," though the ghostly (and untitled) bonus track takes his gentler perspective down a different and slightly darker path." - Mark Deming, All Music Guide

WOULD SOUND GOOD ON A MIX TAPE WITH: Wilco, Elliot Smith, Damien Jurado, Rhett Miller, Magnetic Fields, Aimee Mann


1. A Way To Your Heart       LISTEN

2. Try To Get Along       LISTEN

3. The Skepticians       LISTEN

4. Overwhelmed       LISTEN

5. Avenue       LISTEN

6. (Bonus Track)       LISTEN

Paisley Pop



My Best Yesterday

Jill Olson's stellar jangly second album was produced by Dave Alvin (The Blasters, X) and recorded wonderfully by Mark Linett (Beach Boys, Christy McWilson). Recalling some of the best elements of Jackie DeShannon's work, combined with the jangle of Big Star and the Byrds.

"Her pop tunes do make a fine soundtrack for the open road. Imagine four speakers blasting, each one magically featuring a different artist -- the Searchers and Amy Rigby front-right and front-left, with Lone Justice and Marshall Crenshaw in the back. It's Dusty in Dallas, Jackie DeShannon in San Fran. Vocalist/ bassist/ songwriter Olson, veteran of rootsy, acoustic pop band the Movie Stars and a current member of honky-tonkers Red Meat, accomplishes the tough trick of writing catchy songs that offer a hint of familiarity in both sound and story but still seem fresh."
--Rick Cornell.


1 Yours, Mine and Ours       LISTEN

2 Other Voices, Other Rooms       LISTEN

3 Without You       LISTEN

4 Icy Sparks       LISTEN

5 Boomerang       LISTEN

6 My Best Yesterday       LISTEN

7 Every Night       LISTEN

8 Leavenworth       LISTEN

9 Sam       LISTEN

10 When You Gonna Love Me Again?       LISTEN

11 It's Time to Go Now       LISTEN

125 Records


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